Forum - Noticed some little stuff about the damage calc

Because the person(s) working on it went out of their way to be thorough, implementing dozens of tiny ways damage could be altered rather than letting the user do it himself (considering very many boosts are a simple 1.5x), I thought I'd point out that nevertheless, Flower Gift isn't included with Defensive Abilities (for the SDef) and Helping Hand isn't included for Miscellaneous. Not like people that care to use the thing wouldn't already factor it in some other way, but.. it's there. I'm used to factoring stuff like STAB myself for instance. >_>

Just in case Iggy or whomever built it feels like updating it with those things.
Mar 13 @ 12:36
Also Dry Skin (1.25x damage increase from Fire), Metronome (item), and Water Sport and the like are missing, not that anyone would ever need that.

And I don't think Download should be included, as that may confuse some people as Download works as a stat boost, which may cause someone to apply the boost twice. I'm on the wall with Mold Breaker, Simple, and Unaware, as these too are things that can and should (but as we know, won't always) be taken into account by the user.
Mar 16 @ 00:50
I'd really like to see that stuff implemented at some point, since we already have the right to be very proud, if not smug, about our own damage calc.
Jun 22 @ 03:46
Iggy didn't make it, Fant did IIRC. It was one of his projects when ruesap, zero, moi, and him were all gaga over programming. Not sure if ruesap was though as in to it as them, zero
Jun 22 @ 08:46
Yep, but it was really Fantasty's project.
Jun 24 @ 16:30
I'll look at it when I've got some time :)
Jun 25 @ 08:06
[QUOTE USER="fantasty" TIME="1245917216"]I'll look at it when I've got some time :)[/QUOTE]

What is this I don't even
Jun 25 @ 10:49
What? I'm not as lazy as you may think I am :O
Jun 26 @ 19:55
Yeah but you have been gone for like what 3 months? >_>
Jun 26 @ 21:56
You're in college right fantasty? I just assumed you were studying for finals.
Jun 27 @ 04:35
Actually I was studying for finals mostly (and some other stuff). I'm not in college yet though; I graduated high school this year (my finals went well :D) so I'll be going to college starting September
Jun 27 @ 20:35
Did you read the memo I left ya?
Jun 27 @ 20:56


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