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Dragalge underrated set that uses Venom Drench

Dragalge @ Black Sludge
Ability: Adaptability
Toxic Spikes
Venom Drench
Dragon Tail
EVs: 252 Sp.Def / 252 HP / 4 Atk

The point of this set is to poison the target with Toxic Spikes and forcing the opponent to switch out so Venom Drench can lower both of the opponent's attack stats and speed. This can destroy sweepers while dealing damage due to the Toxic Spikes, and Dragalge heals HP every turn with the black sludge. Waterfall is for Stab, but if you want to use this set, you have to get through these flaws:
Rapid Spinners can destroy your Toxic Spikes
You might faint before you can get off Dragon Tail
Poison types can destroy Toxic Spikes and won't be poisoned
Adaptability only helps Dragon Tail
Can really only affect Sweepers with Venom Drench

But here are some random thoughts:
Ice Beam instead of Waterfall makes a larger range of type coverage in one move.
Replace Toxic Spikes with Toxic, it's just as good as two layers of Toxic Spikes and gets rid of the need for Dragon Tail!
Poison Touch can also get rid of the need of Toxic Spikes and Dragon Tail, it also makes Dragalge just a bit more physical.
Acid Armor raises Sp. Def which is Dragalge's best stat!
Venoshock does double damage when the target is poisoned!
I bet you no one will expect a Dragalge carrying Scald!

Remember, I'm new to this website. If you see anything wrong with this, please tell me.
Jul 14 @ 20:24


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