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<Iggy_Koopa> I remember when wahrheit didn't have a life
<Iggy_Koopa> He used to sit on the computer and make games for mIRC
<wahrheit> I was just like Iggy_Koopa
<Iggy_Koopa> no, I sit in a chair in front of the computer
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<princess> god damn, people are so generic when talking about themselves. "I like movies and listening to music and hanging out with friends" oh yeah? I like tomato cultivation and civil war cannons
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Candice> Who uses Suicune anymore? Didnt Cress steal his job?
<Cross> more like Cress lost her job
<origin> we prefer to use the words "downsized" and "outsourced"
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Shooter> Hey.
<Shooter> Anyone?
<Shooter> Sad face. =(
<origin> Hey shooter, is that just a name or a description? ;-)
Dec 11 @ 10:30
* Jamie (rape@me.please) has joined #libelldra
<origin> rape at me? so just in your general direction?
<Cross> clearly
<origin> clearly, madly, deeply, Libelldra, Lipstick for men
<~Ruesap> rape is a thoughtcrime tbh...
Dec 11 @ 10:30
[code][16:07:49] <MaJoline> ok
<MaJoline> heres the game
<MaJoline> if I ban
<MaJoline> omni
<MaJoline> we win
<MaJoline> if I dont ban omni
<MaJoline> we dont win
<Shapesnatch> not if i ban him first
* MaJoline is now known as Forte
* Shapesnatch ( has left #deepnet
* Shapesnatch ( has joined #deepnet
* ChanServ sets mode: +qo Shapesnatch Shapesnatch
* Shapesnatch sets mode: +b *!*
* Omnimon-X was kicked by Shapesnatch (Shapesnatch)
<Novkris> WOW U BAD
* Forte ( has left #deepnet
* Forte ( has joined #deepnet
* ChanServ sets mode: +ao Forte Forte
* ChanServ sets mode: +q Forte
<~Shapesnatch> i win
<FeraligatrWulf> ok
<%Katsu> derp
<Novkris> lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<Novkris> [15:21:46] <Cross|Persona3> Cross is dumbass
<FeraligatrWulf> you just banned him
<+Lothis> lol
<~Forte> yup
<~Forte> dumbass
<FeraligatrWulf> from your only channel to talk
<~Shapesnatch> i one
<~Shapesnatch> won*
<+Lothis> lmao
<Novkris> afk food
<~Forte> hahahhahhahahahaahahahahahaha
<Novkris> [15:21:46] <Cross|Persona3> Cross is dumbass
<~Shapesnatch> niggah
<Novkris> [15:21:46] <Cross|Persona3> Cross is dumbass
<Novkris> [15:21:46] <Cross|Persona3> Cross is dumbass
<Novkris> [15:21:46] <Cross|Persona3> Cross is dumbass
<+Lothis> [15:21:46] <Cross|Persona3> Cross is dumbass
<~Forte> lol
<FeraligatrWulf> oh god you are a fucking moron
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Feraligatr> I just compared the picture I took 2 years ago when I first got braces to one today
<Feraligatr> and braces did like nothing
<princess> surely it will help your modeling career
<Feraligatr> oh yes
<Feraligatr> it will help greatly
<Feraligatr> I plan on being the new covergirl model
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<origin> that reminds me of when masterofidiots and zero were saying they were going to master mIRC script first and move on to something like PHP and make money
<princess> what a master plan
<princess> I'm going to start a lemonade stand to pay for a horse, train it, win races, and invest that money. I WILL BE RICH!
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Zero> I will be like "your vagina reminds me of Shoyru, from neopets"
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<polite> fuck me in the ANUS
<~Fantasty> damn
<~Fantasty> that's deep shit polite
Dec 11 @ 10:30

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