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Fantasty: fuck call 911 im choking in my own cum god fuck ff=e0fewfwefjowejgrk fakdlfjalkdfalfla
Dec 11 @ 10:30
Dec 11 @ 10:30
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<Blue> Nice job on keeping it serious
<Blue> ass hole
<Iggy_Koopa> Help!
<Iggy_Koopa> You need somebody!
<Iggy_Koopa> Help!
<Blue> It isn't funny!
<Iggy_Koopa> Not just anybody!
<menofuntall> oh noes who
<Iggy_Koopa> Help! You know you need someone!
<Iggy_Koopa> HELLLP
<Iggy_Koopa> When you were younger so much younger than today
<Iggy_Koopa> You thought you could make a tier list on your own every day.
<Iggy_Koopa> But now these days are gon you're not so self-assured.
<Iggy_Koopa> Now you find you've changed your mind and opened up some doors
<Iggy_Koopa> Help you if you can, you're feeling down
<Iggy_Koopa> And you do appreciate us being round
* Blue ( Quit (Quit: I hate you fucking mods. I try to do something, and you guys go and be the biggest asses you've ever seen. You're short one now)
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Zero> !test Fighting 405 120 *1.5 *1.3
<Zero> Whoa
<Zero> SpecsZam w/ Life Orb 2HKOs Blissey
<Zero> whoa
<Zero> >_>
<Ruesap> ....
<Zero> lol
<Iggy_Koopa> ...
<Iggy_Koopa> SpecsZam with life orb?
<Iggy_Koopa> ...
* Zero was kicked by Ruesap (kicked because of ignorance)
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Resum> I'm really bored
<Iggy_Koopa> me too
<Iggy_Koopa> oh wait, did you say bored?
<Iggy_Koopa> I thought you meant awesome
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Ruesap> do you ever wonder what it would be like to face fantasty in an rpg
<Ruesap> "i lost imo"
<Ruesap> "die tbh"
<Fantasty> hahaha
<Iggy_Koopa> I killed Fantasty in NCRPG
<Fantasty> Do I really use imo and tbh that often?
<Fantasty> lol iggy cheated imo
<Ruesap> <_<
<Iggy_Koopa> HAAHAA
<Iggy_Koopa> aHAHAHAAAHA
<Fantasty> >___>
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<Ruesap> Iggy_Koopa - Zero thinks I'm gay.
<Ruesap> And, he has rather compelling evidence, too.
<Ruesap> How do I disprove him?
<Iggy_Koopa> What's his evidence?
<Ruesap> uh
<Iggy_Koopa> excuse me
* Iggy_Koopa is now known as Iggy_Koopa|AFK|LOLing
<AZ-1> hahahahaha
<menofuntall> excuse me
<AZ-1> excuse me
<CrossDragon> ROFL
* AZ-1 is now known as Zero|AFK|alsoLOLing
* menofuntall is now known as menofuntall|AFK|WASHINGMYEYESO
* menofuntall|AFK|WASHINGMYEYESO is now known as menofuntall|AFK|WASHINGMYEYES
Dec 11 @ 10:30
<!Ruesap> hi
<Feraligatr> hi
<!Ruesap> hey
<Feraligatr> hey
<!Ruesap> what's up
<Feraligatr> nothing
<Feraligatr> you?
<!Iggy_Koopa> everything is up for Ruesap
<Feraligatr> are you saying his world got flip turned upside down?
<!Iggy_Koopa> no, but if you take a minute and sit right there
<!Iggy_Koopa> he can tell you how he became the prince of a town called Bel-Air
<FF> ^epic
<Feraligatr> ruesap you were born and raised in west philedelphia right?
<Feraligatr> On a playground where you spent most of your days?
<!Iggy_Koopa> yeah
<!Iggy_Koopa> He was chilling and relaxing and maxing all cool
<!Iggy_Koopa> shooting some b-ball outside the school
<!Iggy_Koopa> Then a couple of guys were up to no good
<!Iggy_Koopa> and started making trouble in his neighborhood
<!Ruesap> I got in one little fight
<!Ruesap> My mom got scared
<Feraligatr> what'd she say?
<!Ruesap> I can't remember.
Dec 11 @ 10:30
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<!Fantasty> now everyone can see i listen to miley cyrus aaaaahhh
Dec 11 @ 10:30
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<Fantasty> ive never really wacthed the simpsons
<Fantasty> D:
<polite> fucking loser
<polite> whoops, typo, i meant to say "oh really?"
<Fantasty> common mistake
<polite> those keys are so close together
<Fantasty> "they keys are like right next to each other!"!
<Fantasty> <_<
<Fantasty> lol
<Fantasty> but yeah
Dec 11 @ 10:30

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