Forum - so um like cross

your getting tvc on day one right

cause im gonna need someone who will suck as bad as i do to learn with

seeing as im apparently one in six westerners that didnt import the game

i will use polimar and viewtiful joe until i have determined they are unsuitable for my present skill level
Jan 23 @ 07:27
Well, if I can get one of my friends to drive me to Gamecrazy, then most likely. If not... it'll probably be on like Saturday or something. I'll be using Zero/Volnutt
Jan 23 @ 21:50
You'll have to spend a bit of time earning Zero first; something like six runs through Arcade finishing with a Capcom character.

There's actually a bit of conflicting info regarding the prerequisites. Some say three, some say four, some say five. Methinks someone sucks at counting, or mebbe it depends on whether your runs have one Capcom dude or two.

Edit: Er, that refers to unlocking the first char on either side, not Zero. You always get Frank West first on the Capcom side.
Jan 24 @ 00:23
Fuck, is Volnutt already unlocked? Or do I have to unlock him as well?
Jan 25 @ 01:21
Yeah, he's there. The only people you need to unlock are Frank West, Tekkaman Blade, Zero, Joe the Condor, and Yatterman-2.

And if I didn't make it clear, you can't unlock Zero first. Even if you use all Capcom chars to reach the milestone prerequisites, you'll always get Frank first.

I think it's kinda gay, but whatever, pretty much every fighter does this.
Jan 25 @ 01:56
Ah, gotcha. Here's to hoping Volnutt keeps his Inifinite.
Jan 25 @ 02:04
If there are any infinites, they'll have to be discovered. They removed all known infinites (for hopefully obvious reasons.)
Jan 25 @ 02:34
Shit. Well, hopefully I can convince my mom to bring me to Gamecrazy on Tuesday. She told me I'm not allowed to buy any more video games. BUT THATS NOT GOING TO STOP ME!
Jan 25 @ 03:44
lol parents

What's the reason for that?
Jan 25 @ 04:15
She wants me to start saving up for college and tells me Video games are a huge waste of money. (It's mostly because I bought a PSP and a bunch of games for it) So she got the assumption that these games will entertain me for the next 3 months or so. Oh was she wrong. But I'm already working on my backup plan. Torrenting Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All Stars ISO as I'm typing this. It takes like 2 days or whatever to finish because of the shitty amount of seeders. So if worse comes to worse on Tuesday, I'll still have the game.
Jan 25 @ 04:30
I'm assuming you already looked into stuff like this, but I had seen a few dudes saying you couldn't run TvC online with 4.1, they needed 4.2. Whatever your firmware is, do something about it so we'll be able to play.
Jan 25 @ 05:26
Nah, my firmware is 4.2 I used the Bannerbomb mod, so I should be able to play TvC. Hopefully.
Jan 25 @ 05:42



lol nerdrage

So, uh, I may not be getting TvC tomorrow, since some stuff has come up. I can only wait and see how things play out. If I pick the game up it'll either be first thing in the morning (as in trying to get to the store as it opens) or late in the evening before it closes. Every hour in between I must be somewhere else.
Jan 26 @ 03:27
Unforseen circumstances won this time, though I think I can still pick it up around dinnertime, there's a gap.
Jan 26 @ 19:29
Alright, I have the game now. Still trying to figure out how to play with the GCN controller. I don't have a classic controller... so ehhhh
Jan 26 @ 22:07
I got it this evening and played training for a while. Getting used to an arcade stick is a lot harder than I thought and as such I'm sucking more at doing combos and correct input than I anticipated, but I'm learning.

Needless to say I'm not ready to fight people, even for lulz.
Jan 27 @ 06:58
I almost beat the final boss, with Morrigan and Chun Li. It was one of those bullshit situations where if Chun Li had hit the stupid thing one more time, I would've won. The boss literally had no health bar left and needed just one good punch. Son of a bitch. Anyways, Repto; I suggest using the GCN controller as it's much easier or if you want to really jew through the game use the WiiMote. WiiMote = Combo Friendly.

Also, meet me on IRC, so I can lulz fight you. Because I still can't play for shit either.
Jan 27 @ 15:39
I beat it last night with VJoe and Polimar, losing three times during the thing, to Gold Lightan and then Batsu/Tekkaman twice.

Yami however was easy as fuck, dunno how you bungled that one. Polimar's drill super just devoured his lifebar.

And it's not lulz if I can't even execute the moves I want half the time, so no, no fight =P

By the way, what's your ping, and do you leave shit like bittorrent running when you go online? Have you port forwarded your wii? When we played Brawl, the lag was freaking awful and it's even more important that there's no lag for this.
Jan 27 @ 18:20
Well, you see I was trying to just kill Yami with Capcom only characters. I just beat it 3x and got Frank West, I just want Zero damn it. Anyways, i just use a cheap method in killing it. Spam Long range attacks, I don't know about my Wii being portforwarded or not.
Jan 27 @ 18:28
There's a ton of pages that explain how to do it, easy to search for. You really should before playing online, as it's said to help tremendously with the lag.

I know the gfaqs board explains it in a few topics, go there and search lag, then click the one that says "stop lag NOW!!!"
Jan 27 @ 19:25
How do I port forward my Wii btw?
Jan 27 @ 23:06


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