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Hey, I'm Coontank and new to Libelldra. I just recently got into competative battling, so I'm here to learn as much as I can through experience and asking questions. Glad to be here, and I look foreward to some exciting battles in the near future :)
Apr 14 @ 07:03
nice! welcome to the libelldra forge. i hope you bring some life into this community as only the REAL members still post here. anyway tell your friends about us ;)
Apr 14 @ 00:20
No we lurk, not post. Thats basically what we do here now minus the IRC chatroom.
Apr 14 @ 00:38
Lurking is pretty much what I do, anyway. Hope you enjoy it here. We haven't had a new member in forever.
Apr 14 @ 02:34
Welcome to TLF! Hope we can be of help to you. :3
Apr 14 @ 05:40
if you lurk, then you're not a real member ;D
Apr 14 @ 11:20
No, Arec you are not a real member.
Apr 17 @ 18:52
[QUOTE USER="arecp" TIME="1239708046"]if you lurk, then you're not a real member ;D[/QUOTE]

So I guess this site officially has no members except for slowflake and repto.
Apr 18 @ 01:53
Thanks for the welcomes everybody :D
Apr 18 @ 14:59
Yes, they are the only real members. End of discussion.
Apr 19 @ 14:49


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