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heil libelldra!

what if you could in the pokedex, you could have the option of ordering it by say highest attack, or highest defense, that would make building teams a million times easier and from what I've seen it would seperate libelldra's structure from other sites.
Jun 25 @ 08:09
Not a bad idea, but Smogon already does that. And anyway, just a high stat isn't really a guarantee of success in that area. Remember RBY Dragonite and GSC Gyarados? Inversely, DPP Breloom goes down way, way harder than any Pokémon with 60/80/60 defenses should ever be allowed to.
Jun 25 @ 09:00
I can see something like this being implemented when the Pokedex is revamped.
Jun 25 @ 23:49
lol, if everyone went by singular stats, shuckle would be everywhere. It has the highest stat of any pokemon in both def, and sp def.
Jun 27 @ 13:47


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