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I Know that this is on "The Community" link, but i think that it should be placed on the actual "Forums" page.

I Like to know who's online, but it sorta gets annoying having to re-open "The Community" to see whos on.

This may have already been put forward, but as most of you will have realised, i haven't been on recently, and so would not have known...

Aaaanyways... Just a suggestion...
Jun 22 @ 23:17
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Well, I'm on almost everyday. I check in to see what's going on and I need to finish those analysis, but no one else is rushing so I shouldn't either :P.

LMAO I just realized what this post was about, so I sound like an idiot.

I don't mind the Active Members in the Community, in kind of makes sense.
Jun 23 @ 01:54
I for one, liked the part of the invision forums where you could see what thread another member was browsing, pretty handy for conversations.
Jun 23 @ 17:44


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