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You MUST reserve an analysis revamp through me, either through PM or on Irc; you MUST make your topic, and can ONLY reserve 2 Pokemon at a time (there are two or three exceptions to, you cannot be an exception).

Please, use my Salamence Revamp as a resource to show you what we are looking for, and try to tone down idiomatic language, but also maintain some personality!

I'll update this topic with various little pointers that I feel you might need to know.


1.) Pokemon names are plural with their singular forms. If you want to say "all Cresselias," the proper way to say it is "all Cresselia."

2.) Use apostrophes correctly. OHKOed, not "OHKO'd" "It's" only is used when you are saying "it is," not when you are representing possession from the "it."

3.) Try to leave opinions like "this set is awesome" or "this set beats everything" aside. You can use phrases like "this set is very viable" and "this set beats many of its common counters," provided you also give the appropriate evidence.

To be continued...
Jun 02 @ 21:04
Aldaron, Ruesap told me to avoid contractions.

I think that would be a good idea since its and it's is always getting mixed up.

Avoiding contractions would eliminate that problem completely but then most of us would have to go through our analysis and look for them. Just food for thought :)
Jul 01 @ 03:17


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