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Name: ScarfWeavile
Item: Choice Scarf
IVs: 31s
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Pressure
Stats: 282 HP / 372 Atk / 166 Def / 113 SpAtk / 206 SpDef / 349 Speed
- Ice Punch
- Night Slash
- Brick Break
- Aerial Ace

Because Deoxys-S, ScarfChomp / Dugtrio, Heracross, Weavile itself and other speedy Pokemon are such prominent threats in the standard metagame, this set was created to help revenge kill the majority of them.  With Ice Punch, Weavile will always OHKO Garchomp / Salamence, and will outspeed both even if they have a Speed boost with Dragon Dance or Choice Scarf.  Night Slash will always OHKO Deoxys-S, unless Deoxys-S runs 252 HP EVs, in which case Night Slash will fail to OHKO.  Aerial Ace will always OHKO standard Heracross and Breloom, while Brick Break helps Weavile do large damage to Tyranitar, Blissey and Heatran (non defensive variants). 

Because ScarfGengar and ScarfAzelf will sometimes run +Speed natures with their Choice Scarf sets (and therefore outspeed Weavile), Ice Shard could be a potential options over Ice Punch or Aerial Ace. Just note that Ice Shard will not OHKO either, and Weavile will lose its ability to OHKO Salamence and Garchomp, though now it will never be outspeed by a Salamence with a few Dragon Dances. 

Because Azelf could be an issue with +Speed nature and Choice Scarf, and with 349 Special Attack it will always OHKO Weavile with Fire Blast, Weavile can run 200 Atk / 104 SpDef / 204 Speed and Adamant nature, for 358 Atk / 232 SpDef / 505 Speed (with Choice Scarf). This will still always outspeed Deoxys-S and Garchomp, but now it will not be OHKOed on average by Azelf's Fire Blast, and it will OHKO Azelf in return.


Gyarados, Skarmory, Forretress, defensive Heatran, Bronzong, Metagross, and Suicune all give this set issues.  A SubSeed Breloom can deal with all of them, but cannot switch into any of them.  HP Electric Heatran can do the same, but has difficulty switching into Gyarados / Suicune.  A ScarfRaikou can take care of all of the issues, assuming it switches in on a predicted Dragon Dance from Gyarados.  Ludicolo with Rain Dance + Swift Swim and an emphasis on Special Defense can beat all of Weavile's issues. 

Weavile has a problematic Stealth Rock weakness, no immunity to Spikes / Toxic Spikes and takes constant damage from Sandstorm.  Residual damage tends to build up fast on Weavile, especially because it is so frail.  Abomasnow, with the constant Hail it brings, can add an extra bit of power to Weavile's attacks in the form of 6.25% additional damage each turn to all opposing non-Ice Pokemon, and it removes Sand.  A Rapid Spinner such as Tentacruel can take incoming Fire, Fighting, Bug and Steel attacks while clearing the side of field hazards. 

Gyarados, Skarmory, Forretress, defensive Heatran, Bronzong, Metagross and Suicune all take minimal damage from ScarfWeavile and can either set up or respond with large counter damage. 

Jun 02 @ 20:47
Felt that a ScarfWeavile set was necessary, as it is certainly viable, especially in a metagame with Deoxys-S.
Jun 02 @ 20:47
Alright, I'm adding this. :)
Jun 14 @ 10:38


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