Forum - Battle?

Don't know if anyone's here. >_>

Anyone want to battle on Wifi?
Diamond: Name: Jessica FC: 4038-4671-9402

Looking to test my new team.
Rules: Standard Rules(Sleep, OHKO, Ubers, Evasion) along with No Hax Items.

I'll be checking back here every now and then, so even if it's been like, 20-30 minutes since I've posted, I will see your post. Also, if you respond, and I don't reply right away, I will eventually check back here. You shouldn't have to wait more than 5-10 minutes, though.
Mar 18 @ 09:11

i'll get my fc when u respond to this (too lazy, lol)

if u have aim, u can contact me at pudgypig951753

i'm usually invisible so just im me even though it says i'm not online

also, plz post ur sn if u have aim
Apr 15 @ 13:27


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