Forum - Articuno: Mind Reader + Sheer Cold

What's so scary about it?

I have an Articuno with the Mind Reader-Sheer Cold combo, and I enjoy using it. Usually, the blue bird manages to claim somebody.
I noticed that many people have essentially banned this. My question is, why?
As it is, Articuno won't take hits well as an Ice/Flying type. Anyone who sees the set-up can switch out. Protect/Detect scare the bird into not using it. Rock attacks make it fall faster than Ninjask. It has so many weaknesses, so why is it banned in standard play?
Feb 16 @ 10:07
You know, that makes sense, why do they ban articuno?
Feb 16 @ 10:36
Some people ban 1HKO moves as a rule to prevent abuse of it - as a game degrades into luck rather than skill.

Stupider people ban legendaries.
Feb 16 @ 10:37
OHKO ban is actually among the standard rules, along with DT. "Some people" doesn't do it justice.
Feb 17 @ 00:01
Did they ban Articuno to ubers? O.O That would be a stupid move, considering the only thing Arty can do is the SC-MR combo, and the OHKO clause is standard.
Feb 18 @ 21:09
Considering they're actually testing Deoxys-E and Wobbuffet outside of ubers, bumping up the worst of all legendaries doesn't make much sense. Of course they didn't.
Feb 19 @ 01:45
Ah, OK. Fineifold implied it.
Feb 20 @ 10:15
I meant the mind reader sheer cold combo when I said ban and slowflake is right (as usual), they can't make an exception to the OHKO ban just because articuno sucks otherwise.
Feb 20 @ 12:56
Yeah, else the next step would be unbanning DT for lower-tiered Pokémon but not the better ones. And after that, when do we stop? Allowing special sweeping Rhyperior in UU?
Feb 21 @ 01:35


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