Forum - I've got a couple questions about future links.

Battle Center, Articles, and so on

If it isn't too much of a problem, can someone tell me what the those options on the left are going to be really?

Some of them are self explained, but I want to know how the Battle Center is going to turn out.

Also, are the Articles going to contain things like on the Contribution page?

Do you guys have info on some of these options. I'm not asking for when they are done or anything, just curious as to what they are going to be.

Jan 15 @ 08:03
i dunno, but whatever the articles are i call dibs writing one
Jan 15 @ 17:06
Articles are going to pretty much be what you said, like contributions. I've given Fantasty a possible Battle Center idea, but no further discussion has been made, at least that I'm aware of.
Jan 15 @ 23:07
hm, sounds good to me
Jan 16 @ 17:20
I'm curious.
Apr 02 @ 22:38
Soon the Articles section won't be a dead link.
Apr 03 @ 03:52


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