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This isn't part of the series of drawings I did in my other topic, which is why it's on its own.

Anyway, today, I printed out all 27,698 CJK Unicode character onto 5 separate sheets of 8½" × 11" paper. The margins are 0.7" top, 0.6" bottom, 0.65" left, 0.73" right and the font I used was Microsoft JhengHei, the Traditional Chinese font for Windows Vista. For reference, as well as contextualization, I placed my 1½-inch Jirachi into the picture as well.

Jan 13 @ 16:32
Wh...Why..... @_@
Jan 14 @ 01:28
o___O thats a lotta characters :O
Jan 14 @ 05:57
i dun get it o_O
Jan 16 @ 17:46
It's just photography for those people that don't know, which is a form of, art isn't just drawing guys.
Mar 28 @ 08:37


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