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By: CrossDragon

This is a tale of two. A story that tells of the two's bravery, adventures, and heroics which has been recorded on paper, which surpasses time and space. Which is now left behind for all to read. This is:

The Life and Times of CrossDragon and Tyranitar, Season 2
(The Dead Man Walking Arc)

Now with it's own channel! Where you can see possible spoilers before they are released! Just get on IRC like you normally would and type in /join #Life&TimesOfCD&TTar


BAM!!! As the dust cleared, a Tyranitar was barely visible through the harsh Sandstorm. It rampaged savagely, crushing everything in its path. Then out of no where, a faint child like voice was heard.

"Go Swampert!"

A Pokeball was thrown into the air, it landed next to a smashed rock and out erupted a Swampert. The Swampert looked battle worn and tired, the trainer that sent out the Swampert had quite a fair amount of bruises on him. It seemed the trainer and the Swampert was using all the strength they had to just stand.

"Swampert, use Hammer Arm!!"

Swampert, heard his trainers command through the heavy sandstorm and rose his arm, ready to strike. It jumped into the air, the sand bouncing off it's skin, and slammed both its arms into the ground, the attack narrowly missed Tyranitar by a foot, the wild Tyranitar roared in anger and quickly went on a Outrage once more. It tore down villages aimlessly until it reached Swampert, the Tyranitar, blind to what was happening due to its Outrage, picked up Swampert with ease and threw him as far as he could. Swampert was about to fly straight into jagged rocks that had fallen down due to Tyranitar's rampage, when the mysterious trainer called out.

"Shit, Swampert, Return!"
"This Tyranitar isn't making things easier for me. It's rampaged for nearly 4 days! Does it not get tired?"

Then, suddenly Tyranitar appeared in the guise of the sandstorm and savagely slashed the mysterious youth from behind. The youth screamed in pain, and almost instantly Swampert was released once more from the safety of it's Pokeball. The Swampert was clearly exhusted from repeated fights with this Tyranitar, the trainer was on the ground screaming in pain as blood dripped from the claw marks on his back. Exhusted and Tired, What will the youth do next?

A.) Try and Escape
B.) Continue to Fight
C.) Try and Capture it
Jan 04 @ 06:52
D.) Stab

or if you don't accept joke answers

C.) With a Master Ball, duh.
Jan 04 @ 07:15
I'll accept Joke Options later on. Btw that Mysterious Person is not me.
Jan 04 @ 07:21
B.) You fight, but you lose.
Jan 05 @ 01:01
C.) Capture.
Jan 05 @ 03:31
0 +0
Jan 05 @ 04:29
Jan 05 @ 07:43
Ok, B it is.

"Damn you, Tyranitar!"

The youth quickly thought to himself as Tyranitar slowly approached him, I have to try and capture this thing before it can do anymore damage. Yet, did the young trainer not notice all the villages that were savagely destroyed into utter emptiness from Tyranitar's Outrage? In a last ditch attempt to stop all this destruction, the trainer yelled to his Swampert.

"Swampert, use Hammer Arm one last time!"

His Swampert heard his trainer's weak and feeble voice through the midst of the Sandstorm once more, and ran full speed ahead to confront the Tyranitar. Swampert's arm raised, smashed it into the Tyranitar's belly. Swampert grinned as the hit connected, the blow sent Tyranitar crashing on it's knees. Tyranitar roared in pain as the trainer did before him, quickly the pain turned into anger as Tyranitar rammed his legs into the ground triggering an Earthquake. The massive Earthquake shook the sand where Swampert and his trainer was standing on, and Swampert tired as he was, succumbed to the power that was Tyranitar's Earthquake. The trainer exhausted and powerless to stop Tyranitar gave a pitiful scream for help.

Then, before the trainer knew it, a large faint shadow of a pokemon appeared over the sky, and 2 objects jumped down from it. It was a boy and a... Feraligatr? The pokemon that then flew down and landed it, it was a Charizard! The boy then screamed like a buffon in a high pitch voice.


"Fera, Fera!!"

"Oh yeah, there's a trainer laying there on the ground. Wtf do you think he's doing? Getting a tan or something?"


"Why Hello thar, mysterious trainer, I R Jerem and dis is Gatr and Charizard!"

The trainer did not know how to respond to this...this..Gayness that was Jerem. He spoke with very crude grammar, talked like he understood his Feraligatr's every word. The trainer hesitated for a moment, but then said

"My name is Kidlat, Please stop that Tyranitar before it can do any more damage."

"Well, Kidlat, I will halp stop taht TTar for j00. But in retun mah Gatr usually gets hungry in the process. So you must let it eat j00 in return, k?"


Kidlat stared in amazement of Jerem's stupidness. Pokemon could not eat people, let alone eat others. What in the world was going through those three's head? Nevertheless Kidlat was running out of options, so he agreed.

"Fine, Just stop the Tyranitar first."

"Ok, Go mah Gatr and Charizard! Show that stupid Ttar your powah!"

What do you think Jerem will have his Feraligatr and Charizard do next?

A.) Continue acting gay
B.) Have Feraligatr and Charziard fight a lost battle
C.) Eat Kidlat and run
D.) (Insert your own Answer here)
Jan 06 @ 02:47
Make that A.
Jan 06 @ 02:57
D.) Use Hyper Beam with both of them, missing, and then getting their asses handed to them as well.
Jan 06 @ 03:04
D. Put it in.

But seriously, I'd say B.
Jan 06 @ 03:44
D.) Jerem gets r4p3d by yhe TTar and gets pregnant. Seriously.
Jan 06 @ 04:14
C of course

(ps, you will be hearing from my lawyer)
Jan 06 @ 04:59
Jan 06 @ 08:37
Ok, It's a Tie, B and D are the winners. I will combine both the answers, just not the Pregnant one.

As Jerem ordered his 2 pokemon to attack the Tyranitar, Kidlat looked on in amazement. He thought to himself,

"Will they really beat Tyranitar? Even I couldn't stop it with my Swampert. It's impossible..."


Feraligatr and Charizard instantly did a mystical dance that took a mere 5 seconds to complete. As they finished the dance, a smug look appeared on Jerem's face. A gay look that is, Jerem then yelled to his 2 pokemon.


Feraligatr and Charizard with thier increased speed and might moved with ease and quickly appeared behind Tyranitar. Tyranitar, unphazed by their movements, attempted to unleash a Focus Punch. Alas, with their increased Speed, Feraligatr and Charizard avoided the punch with ease. Then Charizard and Feraligatr both opened their mouths and started charging energy.

Kidlat, stunned by what had occur in a span of 10 minutes, yelled to Jerem.

"STOP YOU FOOLS!! Only NOOBS use that attack!!"

But it was too late, Feraligatr quickly unleashed a powerful Hyper Beam while Charizard did the same. Tyranitar took both the attacks head on, while Jerem laughed maniacally like a moron.

As the smoke cleared, the sandstorm whipped out once more. Jerem stared in amazement as the Tyranitar was left unscratched by the 2 Hyper Beams. Feraligatr and Charizard on the other hand, were left crippled and drained of their energy. Tyranitar's eyes gleamed as bright as jewel in the midst of the sandstorm Quickly, Tyranitar set up a Rhydon Doll in place of himself, and started storing Energy. Kidlat could only look on as his supposed savior started to tremble.

Tyranitar, had finished storing enough energy for 2 Focus Punches. Ready to take out Feraligatr and Charizard, Tyranitar charged towards where they both lied. Tyranitar roared as he punched both Feraligatr and Charizard simultaneously with a 2 Focus Punches. Jerem was trembling but still he muttered a ridiculously stupid statement.

"Was taht a Faclon Punch just nao?"
"Since when can Ttars Falcon Punch dammit?"

Tyranitar, was staring straight at Jerem, with a heated look on his face.


Tyranitar screamed in anger, and began charging towards at Jerem extremely fast.

"TARRR" (That bastard thought it was a Falcon Punch?!?!!)
"TARRRR" (I'll show him!)

Meanwhile, in Hearthrome City, a group of people sat in a dimly lit room with 4 barely visible pokemon. A Gardevoir, a Blaziken, a Jumpluff, and a Typhlosion could be barely made out. A conversation could be made out, it seemed the 4 mysterious men were discussing something about a Pokemon.

"So, I've heard that Tyranitar is still rampaging around."

"Has anyone been able to tame it or at least capture it yet?"

"Bah, we sent Jerem and his Feraligatr and Charizard out to try and stop it. Hopefully they didn't do anything stupid along the way."

"Knowing them, they probably already screwed up."

"You're probably right, we should send CrossDragon out to stop it."

"Agreed. One of us should also go with him"

"But who? Which one of us has the time to go along?"

"I think the answer is obvious, it should be..."

A.) CrossDragon and the guy with the Jumpluff
B.) CrossDragon and the guy with the Gardevior
C.) CrossDragon and the guy with the Blaziken
D.) CrossDragon and the guy with the Typhlosion
E.) Just CrossDragon
Jan 06 @ 09:10
B. CrossDragon and the guy with the Gardevoir

You were expecting C., weren't you?
Jan 06 @ 10:18
Jan 06 @ 11:37
0 +0
aaaa cute trainer A.
Jan 06 @ 12:37
0 +0
Jan 06 @ 12:50
I vote for the ugly guy A with the jumpluff because I bet TTar will be like "OMGGGGG HES SO UGLYYY MY BEAUTIFUL GLEAMING EYESSS THEY ARE BURNINGGGG"

*crashes into a wall*

*digs random jagged rock into own heart*

imo thats what will happen gogogogogogogogogogo!!!
Jan 06 @ 13:18
Blaziken or it didn't happen.<_<
Jan 06 @ 21:51


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